Closing a pool in the winter is necessary to protect the pool’s equipment, such as pipes, heater, filter, and pump from freezing temperatures and potential damage. Additionally, the chlorine and pH levels in the pool can become imbalanced due to the lack of use and exposure to the elements, which can lead to algae growth and other issues. By closing the pool these levels can be properly balanced and maintained to ensure the pool is ready for use in the spring.

As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, your pool will need to be properly closed before the harsh winter weather comes. Our team offers a closing service that will get your pool ready before any damage from the colder weather can occur. Closing the pool properly also includes conditioning and cleaning the pool before placing the pool cover or installing the winter cover to help protect the overall pool system from impending weather changes.

We will perform all necessary repairs, conduct leak detection, clean the pool, balance the pool chemicals, check parts and accessories, and take all necessary steps to prepare your pool for winter, including the installation of your pool cover.


Once the cold weather has begun to fade away, it’s time to prepare your swimming pool for the warmer seasons, and there is nothing better than getting back into the pool with the help of a pool opening service team who has the proper pool equipment to get you up and running as soon as possible. Our opening process will bring your pool back to life and ensure that it’s once again safe for use.