The Pixie

Pool Model

Many people choose the Pixie fiberglass pool because of its organic design and versatile features that fit into a smaller pool. We have one size available in the Pixie line. The Pixie comes in one of six different color options.

This kidney-shaped pool model is inspired by the Pixie Pinnacle, a unique underwater paradise situated off the coast of Cooktown, Queensland. The cone-shaped pyramid, made up of corals and marine life, is part of the Great Barrier Reef. Caves, gorgeous overhangs and a unique variety of sea life make this location a diver’s dream place to visit. Take a relaxing plunge into the calm waters of a Pixie just outside your own home.


  • Wrap around seating ledge
  • Generous entry steps in a textured finish
  • Safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool


  • Length 16′ 6″
  • Width 10′
  • Shallow 3′ 11″
  • Deep 3′ 11″